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Installation Help

Basic Instructions for Installing Vinyl Decals

Step 1: Choose the place for installation. For best results ideally you want to install onto glass, painted surfaces, or other non-porous surfaces. These decals are designed to stick to smooth surfaces.

Step 2: Clean the area as good as possible with Windex and then rubbing alcohol. Make sure the surface is completely dry and free of dirt, dust, wax or grease.

Step 3: Remove the decal from the backing. The topmost layer of the decal is the transfer tape, this layering being semi-transparent kind of like masking tape. The backing layer is a waxy heavy paper backing. Start to remove the transfer tape from the backing, you will start to see the vinyl decal coming off the backing. Take your time and make sure all the decal is removed from the backing, if it’s not press it back down and try again.

Step 4: Hold the decal in both hands above the surface, taking care not to touch it to the surface until you are ready and happy with the location. Once you are confident it looks straight and is in the right spot touch it down on one side only, and use a credit card to press it onto the surface, working from one side to the other. This will aid in a bubble free installation.

Step 5: Remove the transfer tape from the applied decal. Take care when removing this tape, sometimes the decal may lift away from the surface. If it does press it back down and try again. Once the transfer tape is removed you’re DONE!