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What A Lovely Day! Text Decal w/ War Boy Logo Detail

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Inspired by the recent hit movie Mad Max: Fury Road we bring you another sweet decal design. Made famous when Nux is driving towards battle! What A Lovely Day! This decal design also features the War Boy flaming Steering Wheel detail. Sure to look great on anything you decide to put it on, we recommend your truck window, rear bumper or pretty much anywhere else you can think of. Are you ready for Valhalla?

Buy with confidence knowing we make only premium grade decals and never sacrifice quality. If you have an issue installing the decal or run into a problem we are here to help. We resolve 99% of all problems fast and efficiently, because we stand behind our products and care about our customers.

  • Decals are computer die-cut with no background.
  • All vinyl decals feature 5 year outdoor material.
  • Easy to apply. Simple application instructions included.
  • Decals can be applied to most smooth flat surfaces.
  • Available in 12 different colors and 2 sizes.